Employer Choices at Exceed

Employer Choices at Exceed

Why choose Exceed Training Academy in Bradford as your training provider?

As well as teaching Hairdressing, at Exceed salons in Bradford and Halifax we really know what it’s like to run a salon.

This is why we teach extra skills to make apprentices more valuable to you as an employer. We work to NVQ and ERR standards with functional skills embedded to relate to Hairdressing, e.g. rations for colour mixing, angle cutting, booking appointments, etc.

At Exceed we strive to maintain a high standard of training, higher than what is usually required for City & Guilds. These are just some of the additional skills we offer:

Reception and front of house

Teaching your apprentice the important duties required for front of house staff cannot be underestimated. The receptionist is usually the first person to greet your clients and therefore the first person who will give your clients an impression of your business as a whole.

Customer care

Customer care involves a variety of skills, not all of which are taught. Some very important skills are learnt by example and through interaction with other members of the team.

Salon housekeeping, displays and stock

We not only teach apprentices the importance of salon cleanliness and housekeeping but about setting up product displays (and maintaining them) and how vital your stock is to the smooth running of the salon.

Positive impressions lead to client loyalty

Each member of your staff plays a role in creating the right impression with your clients – so why should it be any different for your juniors who are often in first contact with clients? We help to instil the values in them that leave to positive client impressions and ultimately help you retain that important custom.

Team work

This is an often under-rated and somewhat over-used phrase but one that Exceed takes very seriously. Your apprentices need to know that they are an important part of the salon team; they need to know their duties in relation to helping the stylists; and they must be aware of how their general demeanour can affect team dynamics.

Product knowledge

This is something fairly unique to Exceed, and something students don’t usually learn at college. We believe it is important on several levels, not least for helping you to maximise the earning potential of your salon.

Obtaining and working with models

Here we teach apprentices how to promote themselves and obtain their own models for cutting, colouring and blow waves so that their last year is much more practical.

Ultimately these additional skills will provide trainees with the ability to build a column and ensure they are a more profitable member of the salon team.