How to Change Dark Hair to Blonde!

Going from brunette to blonde at Exceed Salons in Bradford & Halifax

Start this festive season fresh with a new hair colour. Visit the hair colour experts at our salons in Bradford and Halifax . Here, we share some top tips on changing your hair colour from brunette to blonde…

The best way to clour dark hair to light blonde 

 If you’re going through a hair colour disaster, simply adding a new shade on top is not always the best option. Changing your hair colour from brunette to blonde is a process, and one that you can’t really cut corners on. It is vital that you visit a professional hair stylist when going from brunette to blonde. Our hair colour experts will assess the best tones and shades for your hair and identify the areas that need colour correcting in order to replenish your hair and bring it back to a beautiful condition. 

Regular salon visits are a must if you are too keep your tresses looking tip-top and protect your hair from breakage. When your hair is corrected by one of the professional hair colour technicians at our salon, your hair will look natural – and most importantly remain in good condition. 

How to correct brassy orange & yellow tones

If an incorrect hair colour has been applied to your hair you may have been left with warm tones you do not like. When bleaching hair,  it can result in brassy, unwanted tones in the hair if done incorrectly. This can be corrected by neutralising or adding tone to get the desired tonal effect ensuring stunning hair colour results.

For hair that is too dark, To get your hair back on track, lighter highlights can be added in different tones to create a multi-tonal effect and brighten up your look.  For hair that came out too light, we suggest that you have some darker tones added to your hair with low lights which will help to achieve more depth. Our experienced hair colourists will ensure they get the shade you desire.

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