Summer Festival Do’s and Dont’s

Summer Festival Do’s Don’ts from Salon Exceed in Bradford & Halifax

It’s festival season and you know what that means – time to rock your coolest looks! Whether you’re having fun in the sun or singing in the rain, we know that you want to be looking your best. So, we have come up with some Summer Festival Do’s & Don’ts for you at Salon Exceed.

Summer Festival Do’s

  1. Preparation is key. Check the weather forecast and make sure you’re ready for any weather.
  2. Even if it’s sunny, bring wellies (or shoes that you don’t mind getting ruined)! The ground tends to get muddy from all those people dancing.
  3. Stay hydrated! Bring lots of water as buying it there can be expensive. Or, bring a big empty bottle as many festivals have free water points that you can fill it up at.
  4. Don’t forget to eat! Bring snacks with you so that you don’t get the munchies.
  5. Bring dry shampoo  it’ll save your life…or at least stop your hair from looking greasy! Come in to Salon Exceed to get your dry shampoo today.
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Summer Festival Don’ts

  1. Don’t over pack. Only bring the necessities because you’ll have to be carrying your stuff to and from the festival, and a heavy bag does not make a happy camper.
  2. Don’t lose your friends! When you get to the festival arrange a meeting point with your friends in case any of you get lost and can’t get hold of each other.
  3. Don’t forget a phone charger. Although lots of festivals have places where you can pay to have your phone charged, a portable charger will save you from those costs and queues.
  4. This means that you can keep your phone on you for those all-important photo moments.
  5. Don’t forget to book your festival hair appointment beforehand at Salon Exceed.
  6. And finally, don’t forget to have fun!

Looking for summer festival hair ideas? Click here for the latest summer hairstyles and then book your appointment at your local Salon Exceed by calling us our Braford Salon or Halifax Salon.